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Bobby Trevino

Thank you for visiting my website. It provides an opportunity to gain insight into my professional interests and learning journey. Please feel free to browse around and contact me if you would like to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration or further explore my capabilities. Thank you for your interest. 🙂

About Me

Since childhood, I have had a keen interest in computing and have honed my skills in various software programs such as Photoshop, Flash, Blender, and Microsoft Office Suite. My passion for exploring new technologies and utilizing them to their fullest potential has only grown over time, and I remain committed to staying up-to-date on the latest advancements in the field.

Currently seeking a job in I.T. while I continue my studies in cyber security

Certified CompTIA A+

Certified Cisco Network Administrator (CCNA)

I also enjoy playing Overwatch 2

Learning networking with a passion

In September 2022, I commenced my studies in networking with a particular focus on the CCNA certification, which I viewed as the crucial first step towards establishing a career in the IT industry.

I have taken various lectures on networking, including courses by David Bombal on Udemy, Jermy’s classes on YouTube, and Ronny Wong’s sessions on ITProTV.

Although David Bombal’s class provided me with thorough and comprehensive knowledge, I have found myself dedicating the majority of my learning time to Jermy’s YouTube classes.

What Projects I'm Currently Working On

These are some of my current interest.

Building My Home Network

It started with my all-in-one router’s AP going out. I than decided to go to the extreme for a home network setup and purchase some of the ubiquity’s products. Currently I’m using a Dream Machine Pro, POE switch, and a AP

Setting Up A Home Lab

Currently I have a Dell R-720 that I installed VMWare ESXI on. I have set up a few vm running various home labs. Currently my favorite is the linux distro running Adguard.

“Be gone from my network you stinky ads”

Cyber Security

Now that I have finished my CCNA certification, I want to dive in deeper to the cyber security part of I.T. If you have any suggestion of classes or courses feel free to send me an email.

Work in Progress

Continuous learning is essential in any industry, particularly in one that is constantly evolving. However, it is equally important to pay it forward and support others who are following a similar path. As a professional, I am committed to not only expanding my own knowledge and skills, but also to giving back to my peers and helping them to achieve their own success and growth.

Work Experience

Most of my professional working career experience has been in the pool industry. But I hope to transition to the I.T. field.

Your Company???
2023-to beyond

As a dedicated professional with a strong work ethic, I am committed to bringing my extensive skills and experience to your company. I am confident that I can contribute to your team’s success by delivering outstanding results and exceeding expectations through diligent work and a focus on excellence.

I.T Professional
Director Of Repairs

As the Director of Repairs at a prominent pool company, I have extensive experience in effectively managing a diverse team of employees. My responsibilities include overseeing employee performance, scheduling jobs, managing subcontractors, handling billing, and ensuring the timely completion of large-scale projects.

Maintenance Director

The Maintenance Director is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of all facilities and equipment at the swim club. This includes developing and implementing maintenance policies and procedures, ensuring that all maintenance work is completed safely, efficiently, and in a timely manner, managing subcontractors for larger maintenance and repair projects, and overseeing the general upkeep of all club equipment.

Pool Technician II

During my tenure, I developed and honed my skills as a technician and transitioned into a leadership role where I worked closely with management to oversee and lead large-scale projects to timely completion.

Pool Technician I

I began my career as a pool repair technician and gained valuable knowledge and skills from experienced mentors and colleagues. Through diligent work and commitment to excellence, I advanced to the role of lead technician.


My Portfolio

What My Reference's Say

You are extremely proficient in problem-solving when it comes to troubleshooting. You always make sure that the job that is being done not only works properly, but is more aesthetically pleasing side-by-side to a competitors work.

Andy Andrews

Definitely wont make you work on your birthday – as long as your birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday

Conor Donovon

Strong willed and committed to learning and forwarding his career.

Chris Trevino

Stay In Touch

If your interested in hiring me or have feedback, feel free to send me an email.